Tips on How to Relax Before an Interview

After sending a job application letter, it doesn’t mean that you can breathe a sigh of relief. There still the next challenge that is more stressful, that is job interviews. Accepted to work is pride and achievement where prospective workers will be able to make money from the job, including giving pride if they are able to be accepted as a part of the prestigious and most desirable company team. It could be that you are graduated from a prestigious university with an impressive grade point average. But, can your appearance in answering any job interview question amaze them? So how you deal with the nervousness during a job interview, so you can convince the interviewer and be hired and desired the company?

Do The Preparation

Before fighting, find out who your opponents are in the detail. This preparation must also be done by employees who will face job interviews. Do research on the company that you are applying for. Get to know each product that is produced by that company, find out clearly the movement of the company to competitors who are rivals of the company. Knowledge is power, therefore, know what you can know and the more you know, the more you will feel confident and can answer every question that asked by the interviewer more calmly.


Memorizing answers is not a powerful way to overcome nervousness during a job interview. Exercise to answer each question calmly will be very helpful. The more practice often, the more you are ready to face the job interview. The practice of speaking in front of the mirror with good posture and also using eye contact will make you not tremble in front of the interviewer.

Think Of Conversation

Interview work really feels like a stressful session for prospective workers. Nervousness arises out of fear of saying things that are less pleasing or confused in expressing what is in the mind. Make your mind lighter by thinking about job interview like a conversation with someone you just know. The interviewer that you face is also an ordinary human. Who knows, they also feel nervous when interviewing you. they also need preparation too, right? Don’t forget to give smile and warm greeting for the interviewer.

Self Confidence

When receiving a call for a job interview, in fact, you have passed the screening of the first stage where your Curriculum Vitae has convinced them. However, to be more convincing about your abilities, they want to talk to you further. When you feel your self-confidence begins to weaken and make your hand shaking, put your hands on your lap, not on the table. When you are nervous, your breathing will be faster. If accompanied by a voice, do not be surprised if the sound will vibrate and will look nervous that increasingly radiated. Take a deep breath and take it out slowly before you enter the interview room. Do this repeatedly until you feel confident and calm.

The Body Posture

You need to pay attention to body posture during a job interview. Confidence looks physically from the way someone sits or stands. Try to sit with your shoulders straight and don’t bend. This method can also increase your confidence.

The Important Document

During a job interview, it is not uncommon for interviewers to ask for an original certificate that you have received as an attachment in your application letter. They want to ensure the authenticity and truth of the data they get. Prepare the document in one folder that you have put in the big bag that you will carry during the day of the job interview.

Consider The Interviewer As A Friend

To help you provide the best answer and be able to think more clearly, keep in mind that the interviewer is your friend, not the enemy or someone who rummaging about yourself. You can create a lighter and more relaxed atmosphere but still, be professional when doing job interviews.

Try to arrive 30 minutes earlier before the scheduled job interview with the interviewer. Take quite a time by inhaling and removing it through your mouth so you are more relaxed. Don’t let traffic make you late for the time schedule for job interviews that can reduce the interviewer’s assessment of you and you are considered unable to work with discipline.

Try to have your breakfast first if the interview is done in the morning or lunch first if the interview is scheduled during the day. Don’t let your stomach interfere with your important time. Choose the best wear that will give you the appearance of attracting the interviewer’s attention when he/she first see you physically. Take a rest at night will make your body more ready for your job interview.


Praying is one way you need to do it. You can get a sense of calm and confidence by praying. Express your desire to God for the work that is your passion. Whatever the result of the job interview, rest assured that is the best answer from God. When you don’t get the opportunity to work at the company, keep thinking positively that you are being prepared for the field of work. Stay optimistic that you will find a job that suits you and generate income that matches with your abilities and skills. Just believe that what will you get is the best from God. If you are failed it means that you must learn more, pray more, and try more.