How to Paint a Mirror Frame to Look More Attractive

A house with a design that reflects your personality will certainly provide its own satisfaction and comfort. Moreover, if the furniture and other objects can be arranged to be in harmony with the design of your home. Decorative objects that are able to reinforce your character are not always struggling with the choice of furniture and colors of the wall. The mirror can also act as a focal point or attraction that can make anyone curious about it.

The Function Of Mirror

The mirror does not only function as a mirror. The unique design and character can also make a mirror decorative element that can beautify the room in your home. Mirrors placed certain angles in the room can give the impression of a room that looks more bright and airy. So, how to make the room in your house looks more beautiful with mirrors? Check out a few tips for choosing the following mirrors.

Determine The Mirror Size As Needed

The size of the mirror should you choose depends on the concept and the design of your home. If you love the minimalist design house, it’s good to choose a medium to large size mirror that is placed in the main room to make the impression of a room that looks bigger.if your house already has a relatively large area, beautify the room in your home with a medium size decorative mirror.

Choose the mirror frame colors that are in accordance with the ornaments around the room. When choosing a mirror as a room decoration, you must consider the factor of the harmony with the objects around it, such as walls, chair, tables, or another ornament placed in the mirror area. The choice of a mirror frame colors that are in harmony with the objects around it will create the eye-catching harmony. To be safer and suitable for all kinds of concepts, you can choose natural colored mirror frames such as brown, black, and silver.

How To Paint A Mirror Frame

What you need:

  • Paper
  • Sandpaper
  • Primer spray or acrylic
  • Paint spray or acrylic
  • Paint or foam brush

Place the paper on the mirror glass and tape it with a painter tape to prevent the paint from sticking to the mirror like one in The first thing that you have to do is prepare your frame is to wipe it with a cloth to remove residue or dust. If there is sticky residue, you can spray your cloth with a little vinegar or window cleaner. Do not use dust spray or wax because it can prevent paint and primers from sticking to your frame. If your frame has ornaments or another part, such as hooks or hinges, remove it, if you don’t want to be painted or you want to paint it in a different color. Before prioritizing and painting more, measuring, and cutting a sheet of paper to fit with the dimensions of the mirror glass, leaving 1/8 of an inch around each end. Place the paper on the glass and use the painter to stick the paper to the mirror. Make sure that the painter tape covers all glass mirrors without touching the frame.

Apply two layers of paint of your choice and let it dry. Apply your primer. Whether you use spray or brush technique. Apply two thin layers of primer one at a time. If you paint your frame in a dark color, like black, use the gray primer. If you paint your frame in bright colors, like white and your frame is dark use the primer white.

Choose The Mirror Shapes And Style

The shape and style of the mirror also contribute to the role of creating a character in your home. If you are a lover of vintage designs, an oval-shaped antique mirror that has ornaments on its frame can be chosen as an element to create a classic impression of the room. Conversely, if you prefer the contemporary design concept, the most appropriate way to reinforce the design is to put a circle or rectangular mirror in the main room of the house.

Choose Mirrors According To Room Needs

The mirror that you put in the main room is certainly not different from the makeup mirror or the mirror of your bathroom? For that, you need to adjust the mirror according to place and needs. A makeup mirror is commonly placed in someone’s room. The size of the makeup mirror also varies, some are half body size, there are also mirrors that can help us see the appearance of the whole body. When choosing a large makeup mirror placed in the corner of the room, we must know that the size of our room so the mirror does not make the room look more narrow. If the size of the room tends to be minimalist, rectangular or oval wall mirrors are the best choice.

Remove The Mirror From Dust Everyday

The mirror is very vulnerable to various kinds of dirty and dust. That is why we are recommended to clean it regularly. One way is to routinely clean dust from the mirror using a duster or dry cloth, especially on decorative mirrors that are usually placed in the living room or family room.

Keeping the mirror so that it looks clear is not a difficult thing. You can use the simple ingredients below to protect the mirror from dust attack. You can use white vinegar to clean the mirror. Mix the vinegar with warm water. Stubborn stains in the mirror will disappear with just one swipe.