How to Use a Cookie Press to Form Various Cookie Shape

Other than having a delicious taste, usually pastries have an attractive shape. The shapes are very diverse, ranging from round shapes, stars, hearts, or other funny and unique shapes. To make cookies with these shapes, of course, you need pastry molds. The pastry mold itself is usually made of metal or plastic. These are some various ways to form cookies.

Drop Cookies

In some countries, drop cookies can be interpreted as cookies formed with a spoon. Cakes that have been spooned can be placed directly on a baking sheet that has been smeared with margarine. Even though the surface of this pastry looks rather messy, the pastries are still nice and delicious. A variety of pastry recipes that use a mixture of chocolate chips, dried coconut, and beans often use the method of forming this one of cookie.

Pressed Cookies

Cake syringe, it’s more or less the housewives know how to form this one cake. According to the definition of the syringe in the dictionary, the word syringe can be interpreted as pastry printed from a mixture of sugar, flour, eggs, and other ingredients and then printed with mold in the form of a funnel with a patterned edge, such as a star. In the present, you can make syringe cakes using a triangular plastic with a syringe tip. You can also use another kitchen utensils in the form of special tubes for pastry prints of various motifs at the ends.

Cutout Cookies

How to form cookies, this one is often practiced by housewives. The method is very simple and practical. The cookies mixture that has been mixed evenly is ground thin with the appropriate thickness. The milled mixture is then cut into pieces using various shapes of pastry molds. The more collections of prints that you have, the more pastry motif that you can create.

How To Choose Cookies Mold

Even though there are many pastry molds that look cute but not everyone can use them perfectly. Therefore, we will explain how to choose the right cookie mold for you. so, we will explain to you how to choose the right cookie mold for you. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each material. There are two materials commonly used as cake mold, namely metal, and plastic. You need to pay attention to the characteristics of each material. Whether it’s easy to clean, easy to use for children, and etc. Knowing the advantages and the disadvantages of cooking mold will make you know the best of a cooking mold for you.

Metal Mold

The metal cookie mold is the type that the most often found. This material is quite durable and it is not easily deformed even it falls or collides. Besides being able to be used as cake mold, metal molds are also suitable for punching or cutting other foods in complex shapes because the metal can cut sharply. Because of this sharpness, metal can be used to print carrots and potatoes easily enough so that, you can use them to make interesting supplies. However, the metal is easily corroded if stores in a damp place or not dried after washing. Metals also have a fairly sharp surface so you have to be more be careful and pay attention to your child if used it.

Plastic Molds

Plastic cookies molds are designed to print characters or letters using separate parts that can be pressed like a stamp. With this mold, you can produce cookies with the same shape as those sold in stores. In addition, plastic molds are easy to use and safe for children. Although plastic molds are easy to wash, do not rush, and are easily stored. Plastic molds also have disadvantages. This mold cannot be used to print vegetables or hard food. Because it risks damaging the mold. Because of this, this material is more suitable for making cookies.

Tips To Choose The Cookies Mold

The shape of cookies is not only in the form of circles, hearts, or other simple forms but also in the form of complicated and detailed. However, cookies that use complicated cookies molds are more difficult to remove. So, when you want to choose the shape of the cake mold, you need considering first.

You can make the perfect piece of cake, but you need to pay attention to the thickness of the dough, the temperature of the room, the complexity of the cake. In addition, you have to choose a mold that has a slight curve and avoid sharp angled curves so that the shape of the cake can be perfect. The simple form that you are using, the fewer errors will occur. Therefore, for those of you will make large quantities of cookies, you need to choose prints with simple shapes that are easy to print.

How To Use The Cookies Press

If you love to make some variation of the shapes of cookies, now you can make cookies creations in various forms with cookies press. The cookies press that you can use consists of many kinds of shapes so it can be varied in various funny and interesting forms. Equipped with a press tool, it is very suitable to make cookies in large quantities.

This cookies mold is equipped with a clear cylindrical tube. The cylindrical tube serves to place the dough while seeing the amount of dough used it easier. This pastry mold is designed with a very efficient grip shape to print the cookies.